Sunday, December 31, 2000

The fastest video edit is the one you don't have to make.

Taking a break from rushing to edit The Violet Burning video as the band can edit their own video. Mike returned an email to me saying all they need is the raw footage and they can edit the video themselves. This is the fast way to edit, let others do it.

With the break I'm reviewing some digital assets and decided to look for 3d video from my pc of the Cornerstone concert. It looks like the 3d video is transferred as avi files to the computer. Some programs will display it as 3d and possibly others as 2d. Maybe the Macintosh is showing the same file as 2d instead if 3d.

More to learn I suppose.

Here is a unrelated still to the edit process. This is just a still of a table in one of the merchandise areas. Here is a group of folks in the merchandise tent. I chatted with some of them. This is a 3d photo from the 3d still. One in red/blue anaglyph and the other as a cross eyed 3d photo.

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