Saturday, June 29, 2013

After a long delay I'm starting to edit more Cornerstone 2012 video

Next up and digitized. Aimee Wilson and the Factorye. Now to start editing. This edit should be relatively easy to do and be finished quickly. Then I can send the band their gift DVD.

It's amazing how fast a year can fly by.

With family health issues taking a lot of my time and a bit of time spent opening the local observatory for star gazing, the Cornerstone Video editing ran into a delay. Also I was saving money and paying off debts, which delayed the purchase of more disk drives for editing. I've had a goal to leave each edit project intact in case I need to get selects from anynof the projects, which can be an expensive proposition.

Drives are relatively inexpensive and a ton of video should fit easily on today's drives. But the process and editing software I'm using blows up the files to a pretty large size, taking up a lot of USB drive space.

In reviewing the next band to digitize and edit, I was looking at The 77s, but unfortunately I had a big equipment problem and lost a camera angle taken from one of my devices, and much of the video I shot the first day from one camera angle was ruined by the Stedicam JR that I was using. That renders the first days video clips practically useless or much less useful. I can't imagine how much rotoscoping and digital manipulation I'd have to do to get the swaying ship like video clips from the Stedicam video level enough, it would be like a very long animation budget or something. And the results probably wouldn't justify the time, expense and shear magnitude of trying to get that camera angle back. It's a shame because I really like the 77s. So I returned to looking at day 2 through day 4. I was only there for the short four day cook in heat festival. Day 2 had Iona, Aimee Wilson and Aradhna.

I've already edited video from five acts, Iona, The Choir, The Violet Burning,
Trace Bundy, and at The Farewell Drifters. That's a nice amount of edits, but it's a far cry from even one act per month.

I decided to work on the bands from Day 2 or Thursday night that I taped, and that leaves Aimee Wilson or Aradhna. I chose Aimee Wilson because it was a shorter set and the edit should go faster, then I'll edit Aradhna.

I'm working on the multi clip three camera rough mix right now, just started working on it and I'm a little disappointed with the rear camera setup. I had the same unlevel setup for the rear camera that I had for Iona. I was in to much of a rush and perhaps to stale in shooting, since this was my first concert shoot in many years. . . That's the excuse anyways. The rear camera video angle can be tweaked in Boris Red to straighten out the tripod and perhaps frame the view a little better. I can use the same settings or something like the same process I did for Iona.

After Iona I fixed the tripod setup so there was no problems after the Iona video clips.

The first rough cut of the first song looks pretty good. I'm hoping on getting this video edited before next week.

I have to decide if I'm going to attend part of the Audio feed festival next weekend. I would love to shoot video at that festival as well, but I have so much needs here and so little support from family members, I'll be lucky if I can just get there for a day, maybe see The Choir and hand them their Cornerstone DVD from 2012. I'd also be able to give source footage for all the bands to Glenn if I get to that festival.

I've been wanting to go to Chicago and give the source video clips and edits I've done so far to Jpusa, but haven't had the time. I could perhaps kill two birds with one stone and hand off some media and the disk drive at the festival and see The Choir perform. We will see how that goes.

I almost always plan the trip at the last minute. If I go and decide to shoot, I'll probably plan better. I'd love to shoot a 3d video using jvc or Sony 3d camcorders and edit 2d and 3d videos of some of the concerts at the Audio Feed festival but my current finances just don't have the extra bucks for all the gear I'd have to buy. I even sold one of the cameras I bought for last years event to a local Christian DJ. So I'd have to perhaps purchase another one to get even the same coverage I attempted at the last CStone.

I can't imagine going the distance and trying to shoot a dozen acts this year. My mom and dads health have suffered so much in the past couple of months and they seem to be in such need, that I can't imagine wearing myself out for footage that others should be able to get and edit.

I'm not even sure if recording is allowed at the new festival, Cornerstone was special in that regard where small time video guys like me could shoot and put video on cable shows or give footage to the bands.

It's been a long time since I was steadily involved in shooting video of Christian acts. I stopped doing it around 2002. Which is a long time ago. The Cornerstone 2012 was a kind of unique shooting event for me that almost killed me, thanks to the high temperatures and brutal heat.

True to the USA weather of late, they predict high heat for the Midwest and south, so Audio Feed should be a real hot festival. A difficult shoot.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A long pause in the editing process.

I have been very busy with both parents being troubled with health problems. This has caused a pause in almost any normal activity as I'm doing a lot more caregiving with both parents.

Needless to say my going out to observe the stars at the observatory has been impacted. Also I've not made any moves on doing more editing work of any other Cornerstone bands that I shot at Cornerstone. I have a finished Choir edit that is pretty good and I ripped a DVD for them, but I haven't sent it off.

I want to make a quick trip to Chicago sometime and show the edits to jpusa and leave a DVD of the stuff I've shot so far. Unfortunately I haven't found time to do that either. And I'm not making a lot of progress in editing the other bands footage, which is a bit of a bummer, needless to say. You'd think that one could edit a band a month and get twelve artists concerts finished in a year. That even seems slow and a slow pace. So far all I've done is five acts from the gallery stage. I'm even off the pace of editing which is one act per month.

Things like this can happen. Right now my focus is trying to find enough time to get a better setup at the house for mom. She needs a better setup for her health troubles than we've been using for the past ten years. The health problem and coping process has progressed with little things being added and added over and over again, without a reduction and simplicity needed with a more proper systematic approach. Systems design and efficiency are not necessarily a strength to the elderly when coping with chronic diseases and pain. They often end up adding a little thing here, and a little thing there in their effort to make things easier. They end up adjusting their lifestyle and adding little things, usually cheaply and simply done. One ends up with a cluttered mess and approach, that makes perfect logical sense to the elderly person or patient. They end up with all kinds of things in their living room or bedroom for example to get what they need and reduce the amount of walking or travel they need to do. In the case of my mom she has severe foot pain and it really limits her ability to walk. This causes her to have to have everything within reach. But one problem is everything she needs is often not in reach but just out of reach. So she may have 90 percent of what she needs and maybe 30 percent of things she likes and wants, but not 100 percent of what she wants. So she will end up asking for things that she needs but are just out of reach and to difficult to gather. And these things will be needed every ten minutes or five minutes or two minutes, especially during a setup task like getting into a chair, getting out of a chair or going to the restroom. These things and the very difficult environment we've been forced to accept due to the extreme pain and need for cooling of her feet cause a lot of requests and are a severe restriction to the caregivers.

Couple that with possible mental issues or side effects from drugs and it's enough to drive caregivers crazy at times. My father and I end up burned out, tired and hurting ourselves due to the extreme nature of care required. It's basically like running an Intensive Care Unit from your house, with the only nurses being my father and I. Needless to say, some normal things that we would like to do, like vacuum the house more, clean up the house more, take care of the car, just basic things end up going undone, because we are so busy with the frantic and almost constant demands and requests. Most of the requests end up being demands. And that wears on the nerves. At times it seems like the inmates are running the asylum.

In any event it's difficult. And at times of course trying of ones faith. Because we believe and have seen miracles, sometimes we hope for one or wish for one. But what do you do when none are available, or they are seemingly blocked? I can recall one of my friends saying it's easy to have faith when God is working and you are seeing miracles. It's much harder to have faith when nothing is happening. In those times your own faith is tested. Of course caregivers are often struggling with possible emotions and guilt of not being able to do better or be there more. With the nature of these problems, my mom sometimes seems like the most difficult patient in the world. But I know that's just our perspective and there are others out there in worse shape. In any event it becomes a long term test or trial. Almost like your waiting on someone who is injured in the battle field. Or maybe trying to get some relief for someone in prison who is being tortured continuously, The analogies can continue and at times I've used some colorful ones which are both humorous and sad at the same time.

One time I said, it's like I dealing with a terminator of pain. Like she's a machine driven by pain and it's driving all of us. It was a kind of humorous example in a kind of strange way and the guy I said this to busted out laughing and then apologized for laughing at the situation. But sometimes laughing is about all you can do to cope with a problem and get some temporary respite from the stress.

In any event the analogies could continue. I remember watching a show called Battlestar Gallactica which was the new series and they had an early show where the cylons were attacking the fleet every 33 minutes. And the fleet had to respond and hyper jump away to a different location every 33 minutes as the cylon machines kept pursuing them. It was a kind of science fiction story of battle fatigue. What I found ironic at that time was my mother was on half doses of pills and taking them every three hours. And we were in this cycle of dealing with her pain every three hours and responding with a bunch of care and "meals" and snacks that she wanted every three hours day and night, 24 hours a day. This happened for years. And I'm watching this show and watching my dad and I struggle with this crazy request schedule for years and years. And wondering how tough that battle scenario was in this fictitious show when we were undergoing a virtual shell shock of requests for years and years. The reality of the crisis in our day to day life seemed worse than the Battlestar Gallactica episode.

Requests were landing like bombshells in Flanders field in ww1 or something. They were seemingly unending day and night. And of course if your stuck in a chair and can't really get out of it and do much, you have to have everything brought to you. So it becomes of course a real challenge for the person who is sick. And it could likely drive most normal people crazy.

So that's the nature of the ongoing problem at home. And all those years of work have taken a toll on my fathers health. And now he needs more care as well. So now at times I'm trying to help both of them. Instead of two nurses helping my mom, it's one nurse helping two people. It was really difficult and like this for a couple of weeks, but some medications helped my dad get back to somewhat more normal life. Yet he is still having problems and his latest problems have been reoccurring and relapsing.

Needless to say, I don't have time to edit video right now or do astronomy or even spend much time trying to figure out how to dig us out of this hole that we find ourselves in. My sisters come up with quick solutions which are mostly based on moving the parents to assisted living or nursing homes. This of course will destroy any savings the parents have and they don't like the idea of doing that. Also we know the care she would need in a nursing home would not be adequate due to the nature of her ailment.

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