Saturday, June 29, 2013

After a long delay I'm starting to edit more Cornerstone 2012 video

Next up and digitized. Aimee Wilson and the Factorye. Now to start editing. This edit should be relatively easy to do and be finished quickly. Then I can send the band their gift DVD.

It's amazing how fast a year can fly by.

With family health issues taking a lot of my time and a bit of time spent opening the local observatory for star gazing, the Cornerstone Video editing ran into a delay. Also I was saving money and paying off debts, which delayed the purchase of more disk drives for editing. I've had a goal to leave each edit project intact in case I need to get selects from anynof the projects, which can be an expensive proposition.

Drives are relatively inexpensive and a ton of video should fit easily on today's drives. But the process and editing software I'm using blows up the files to a pretty large size, taking up a lot of USB drive space.

In reviewing the next band to digitize and edit, I was looking at The 77s, but unfortunately I had a big equipment problem and lost a camera angle taken from one of my devices, and much of the video I shot the first day from one camera angle was ruined by the Stedicam JR that I was using. That renders the first days video clips practically useless or much less useful. I can't imagine how much rotoscoping and digital manipulation I'd have to do to get the swaying ship like video clips from the Stedicam video level enough, it would be like a very long animation budget or something. And the results probably wouldn't justify the time, expense and shear magnitude of trying to get that camera angle back. It's a shame because I really like the 77s. So I returned to looking at day 2 through day 4. I was only there for the short four day cook in heat festival. Day 2 had Iona, Aimee Wilson and Aradhna.

I've already edited video from five acts, Iona, The Choir, The Violet Burning,
Trace Bundy, and at The Farewell Drifters. That's a nice amount of edits, but it's a far cry from even one act per month.

I decided to work on the bands from Day 2 or Thursday night that I taped, and that leaves Aimee Wilson or Aradhna. I chose Aimee Wilson because it was a shorter set and the edit should go faster, then I'll edit Aradhna.

I'm working on the multi clip three camera rough mix right now, just started working on it and I'm a little disappointed with the rear camera setup. I had the same unlevel setup for the rear camera that I had for Iona. I was in to much of a rush and perhaps to stale in shooting, since this was my first concert shoot in many years. . . That's the excuse anyways. The rear camera video angle can be tweaked in Boris Red to straighten out the tripod and perhaps frame the view a little better. I can use the same settings or something like the same process I did for Iona.

After Iona I fixed the tripod setup so there was no problems after the Iona video clips.

The first rough cut of the first song looks pretty good. I'm hoping on getting this video edited before next week.

I have to decide if I'm going to attend part of the Audio feed festival next weekend. I would love to shoot video at that festival as well, but I have so much needs here and so little support from family members, I'll be lucky if I can just get there for a day, maybe see The Choir and hand them their Cornerstone DVD from 2012. I'd also be able to give source footage for all the bands to Glenn if I get to that festival.

I've been wanting to go to Chicago and give the source video clips and edits I've done so far to Jpusa, but haven't had the time. I could perhaps kill two birds with one stone and hand off some media and the disk drive at the festival and see The Choir perform. We will see how that goes.

I almost always plan the trip at the last minute. If I go and decide to shoot, I'll probably plan better. I'd love to shoot a 3d video using jvc or Sony 3d camcorders and edit 2d and 3d videos of some of the concerts at the Audio Feed festival but my current finances just don't have the extra bucks for all the gear I'd have to buy. I even sold one of the cameras I bought for last years event to a local Christian DJ. So I'd have to perhaps purchase another one to get even the same coverage I attempted at the last CStone.

I can't imagine going the distance and trying to shoot a dozen acts this year. My mom and dads health have suffered so much in the past couple of months and they seem to be in such need, that I can't imagine wearing myself out for footage that others should be able to get and edit.

I'm not even sure if recording is allowed at the new festival, Cornerstone was special in that regard where small time video guys like me could shoot and put video on cable shows or give footage to the bands.

It's been a long time since I was steadily involved in shooting video of Christian acts. I stopped doing it around 2002. Which is a long time ago. The Cornerstone 2012 was a kind of unique shooting event for me that almost killed me, thanks to the high temperatures and brutal heat.

True to the USA weather of late, they predict high heat for the Midwest and south, so Audio Feed should be a real hot festival. A difficult shoot.

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