Thursday, January 17, 2013

My video editing project kind of ground to a halt over the holidays.

There was a lot of activity and some of this related to astronom which slowed down my edit process. Much of this was related to my not having a budget for more hard drives and my unwillingness to delete some of the older projects that has been delaying my editing.

There were other distractions. Most notably a DVD ripping project to inventory and rip DVDs we already own for my moms kiosk setup. This involved HTML encoding of a custom web page as well. This took quite a bit of time as we had about 400 DVDs many from laserdiscs copies we own that were put on the kiosk which is a Macintosh computer.

After the kiosk was setup for my mothers iPad mini which was a little Christmas gift, I decided to get serious about having w backup for the 900 movies we had for her kiosk. This meant getting a drive that I could use as a backup and boot drive as well. I wanted a backup boot drive that stored all the movies and would allow me to use it as a carbon copy boot drive. This took some time to setup as well.

I was ripping movies late at night. There was other issues, she kind of rejected the iPad web page thing after about three weeks worth of work getting the thing setup. It's a good list concept where a list a web page shows all hr movie names. Well my mother has an iPhone as well and I set that up for her for Netflix and a couple of stored movies. These are what she uses a lot. Netflix wasn't working. She had an old iOS and Netflix the old app was broken and wouldn't work or get updated. In any event, I decided to upgrade her phone to iOS version 6 and see if that would allow her to have Netflix. That update took five hours with various backups, one being a backup before I started the upgrade process. Then I signed in to my apple identification for her phone. After a few restarts I started playing around with her movies and realized that the newer iTunes which I also loaded on my laptop was showing movie sharing over the home wireless network. Hmm that library looks like it would include anything I'd have on e kiosk if I relinked the movies from a kiosk drive through my laptop.

I spent about an hour doing that and all the movies about 930 show up on her phone and on her iPad mini. She seemed more receptive of this interface and the visual representation of the movies, with thumbnails than my info page kiosk setup.

In any event she seems to enjoy the new setup and can stream the audio through apple tv as well but not video and audio. So she can get the large speaker sound from the living room setup but have the movie display on her iPad mini.

In any event, with all these late night jet lag like renders and astronomy, ive delayed editing and setting aside time for more cornerstone videos. I have to start on that again. I even realized that I forgot a Trace Bundy concert that was going to happen last November? Or was it early December in Detroit? I really wanted to see him again in a local venue which would have been cool. But it's a small venue and lily was sold out anyway. Kind of bummed and shocked I forgot about the concert and also a bit surprised how fast the time flew by. These iOS devices and wild movie kiosk projects can sure take a ton of time and the time can fly by.

All in all iOS 6 looks to be pretty cool on her iPhone 4 but no Siri assistance and voice controls. The biggest hassle with iOS 6 is they changed the phone dialed button colors to white with outlines on white, which is stupid and something we can't change. There is a fix which is reverse colors in accessibility, bit at reverses everything and makes pictures and backgrounds look like they are negatives. Looks like apple is making some goofy mistakes in some of these updates and not realizing the users need better interface options, especially for the elderly. I could increase default fonts foe her, but I doubt that would help. Maybe I need to buy a phone diaper program for her now to solve the keypad problem.

I hate to complain about apple in this blog post, but it's just a short subject for the day. Maybe the newer iPhones would have this solved or an iOS patch will fix this in the future.

In any event it's about time to start up on editing again. I've been going at it much slower mostly because I haven't spent the time to cull and setup née drive space. That's the bottom line.

Also my winter activities have been cut back a bit due to the weather and some health issues at the house. Time to cut short this post as I'm about to eat dinner and much of this stuff is off topic. This is likely mostly a diary entry, there is little or no interest in this blog anyway.


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