Monday, September 24, 2012

Been very busy with the Astronomy hobby during the last week and it delayed editing progress

We had solar viewing at a local community college for two days.

Then Friday and Saturday we had Astronomy at the Beach at Kensington Metro Park in Novi Michigan. Those two events took a lot of time and energy. I volunteered and was there for long hours. It was cold Saturday night and Sunday I felt sick with a sore throat and a bit tired. So I mostly rested Sunday and didn't get around to editing the video.

I ended up doing a little reviewing of photos I shot over this weekend of a helicopter flying a camera at the Astronomy event. It was a remote controlled helicopter. That helicopter might be nice to have to get a flyover of certain events, but in an outdoor concert it would be too distracting with the sound probably affected the performance as well.

I'm feeling quite a bit better today and have some errands to run some cleanup to do around here and hope to get back to editing video tonight. Want to make some more progress and bring the handheld clips into the timeline.

below is a 3d photo of Shuttle mission specialist Andrew Feustel who gave presentations and answered questions at Astronomy At the Beach. He flew in the Hubble repair mission and also flew on Sts134 which was Endeavors last mission. I saw the Endeavor launch and have a 3d photo of it going up from where I was standing on the Titusville Florida bridge.

(cyan blue) 3d anaglyph photo below.

cross eyed 3d photo below

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