Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I've been so busy observing at the observatory it's delayed my video edit project

Have the Trace Bundy DVD ready to ship, but I need to get digital assets together, meaning source video clips to include on separate media.

I've been opening up the observatory so much lately and doing star gazing so much, it's slowed down the process of editing.

For three days I observed and opened up the observatory. Last night I had it open from 3 to 6am to look at Jupiter and other objects, but mostly Jupiter and the Orion nebula. Orion rises early in the morning before the sunrise at this time of year. The nebula looked awesome early this morning. I felt like I could see faint color aspects in the gas cloud, but this after photographing it. It's difficult to say if my old eyes were really picking up color in the 14 inch telescope. I was looking at low power with the field reducer in. A c14 at f7 with low power would provide a very bright image, so hints of color may have been showing up with averted vision, but it also seemed to suggest faint color aspects with direct vision. I kind of wish I had a large dob with more light gathering power, something like a Newtonian with a 20 inch mirror to see if I could pick up direct color at 5am this morning.

I slept for a short time this morning and went to Hfcc fir "welcome back days" only to discover they may have been rescheduled. So I woke up early for no apparent reason. Ate lunch, chatted with a friend in the club then went back home to get another nap.

Here is a quick photo of the core of m42, the Orion nebula that I took through the c14 at f10 using a canon Eos t1i.

This was a fairly short exposure, perhaps 15 seconds at iso 3200. I don't recall the exact exposure length but I can look it up if someone wants to know.

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