Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Finished first rough edit mix of Farewell drifters.

Just the first three cameras, no handheld yet.

Will be doing fine adjustments next.

I ran into a slight problem, a real annoyance, and that is due to my rushing out to Cornerstone and not having enough equipment. I didn't have a Wind microphone cover for my digital recorder. Forgot to purchase one before the event and didn't fabricate up something on side.

Didn't notice any wind during the event and hoped that the microphones would not catch any. But for two or three of the first songs of the Farewell drifters I can hear the wind noise being added. Obviously there was a breeze of some sort and the Tascam dr40 picked it up.

I tried some digital eq inside media 100 to cut it down, but no settings would get rid of it. Will probably have to leave it in.

(I'll have to remember that for the next Cornerstone. . . Just dreaming for a moment.)

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