Sunday, October 7, 2012

Farewell drifters DVD done, kind of. . .

I have a final mix of the Farewell Drifters complete. Hmm. . . It looks pretty good. There are a couple things missing that could be added.

I didn't put closing credits in the first burn. Reviewed the DVD and it looks okay. I may throw credits on the end of a second DVD I send to them later, as soon as they respond with what they want on the credits.

There is another thing missing, something videographers often never tell a client or customer. We don't usually discuss what was left on the cutting room floor, the video we didn't use. In the case of the Farewell Drifters, and other bands from day four, I had some short video clips on my iPhone as well. These offer a different over saturated and somewhat posterized look. The nice thing about the iPhone clip, one nice thing is we actually see a little bit of the tambourine on the stage being played by the bass player. I didn't capture that with the other cameras. This isn't a really good close up or something and most of that footage is not to stable also, so it isn't a big loss. But I didn't even realize that video wasn't included in my edit process until the final cut was made. I realized I didn't transfer all my iPhone video to my computer, day 4 was missing. In reviewing the clips however, they probably wouldn't add much to the overall quality of the video. There is a chance I may revisit and edit this later and put a couple cutaways from that in, but it's not really necessary. Why editors, don't talk a lot about the stuff missed? People will never know if you don't mention it.

I'm starting to get video into the system for The Violet Burning. It's been a while since the shoot and I forgot the problems I had in shooting by now. The video from my main three cameras is in the nonlinear, and I saw the video from these and was surprised that there is only about an hour really fifty minutes of there set with my main cameras. The audio recording is much longer. I looked at one song with the Wayside, basically their first encore song and it was in the iPhone, but not totally there. Then I remembered I ran out of memory or battery with the iPhone so I had to stop that angle. Time to check the Canon EOS t1i. Well that video is only one clip as well, battery limits there as well, and possibly memory limits as well. What did I get with the Canon, an earlier part of the show. Okay as a last ditch effort, let's see what is on the Fujix 3d camera recording. I have an avi file which can be 3d or 2d from the Fujix. Looking at that there was an early song in that one song clip. So believe it or not I had six cameras recording The Violet Burning and missed the last forty minutes of the concert in spite of having six cameras. Of course I could always look for footage from others, but chances are I won't be able to get that and it's probably not very good as most just had a wide view from the back or did handheld and had shaky video. And I don't know how to get in touch with these anyway.

Also once you start getting into footage swapping, people start asking for a lot of stuff in return and I won't swap without permission from the artists. It's exciting to see The Violet Burning video I took, and I guess one positive is they played a lot of their new album at first, so there may be some useable material.

Now to kind of repeat other posts, how could this happen. Well it's simple really I didn't have a crew or any real support as far as power at the event, so I had no way to recharge batteries and my limited budget kept me from purchasing as many batteries as I needed to capture all of the bands. Had I recorded 1 hour less that night earlier I might have caught the entire set.

Being cooked by the 100F heat of each evening didn't help much either. Enough excuses. It's tine to start syncing up the Violet Burning clips I have and see what I can throw together.

The Violet Burning sells videos of one of their concerts. Maybe with a little luck they will be able to sell a few of these songs off the Internet and make a little profit off that Cornerstone concert. (I guess it depends on the quality we end up with and what they want to do.). As this is a gift to them, they would be able to make a few bucks without having to give me anything. It would be cool, and since one of their current projects is sent as QuickTime encodes, it might be doable. I guess it depends on whether they would find the quality high enough. We will see what happens.

I started looking at some of the videos posted under links from occupy cornerstone on Facebook. I was surprised to see a "show" someone put out, no doubt on the web, that had the entire Iona concert on it. It was shot with one camera from the front row. I guess one camera is better than nothing. I'm kind of shocked at someone putting out an entire concert. A sign of the times I guess. I don't want to put down that video much, because we all have to start somewhere.

If you want to see really good video of Iona, the best thing to do is search the web and buy the official video that they put out, because reviews state it's awesome.

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