Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some more progress on Farewell Drifter video

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I haven't been editing as much as I should and probably been watching to much Netflix during the past week or two. Actually was spending some time getting extra sleep due to the effects of a cold or allergies. I did a quick three camera edit of the Farewell Drifters. It was pretty rough. This was done while eating dinner, with the laptop in front of me. Later I reviewed and tightened up some of the edit points while adding in the front handheld camera shots. It's really surprising how nice the video is turning out without a lot of work doing much moving of the cutaways. When the front camera was added it added a lot to the "live mix". There is a bit of delay and stuttering with real time playback of the high resolution camera files inside Media 100. That isn't causing a problem with rendered output. I decided to render out to a large Quicktime master file, my version 3 edit of this concert. I figured I'd be able to review that and watch it casually and pick out any obvious edit changes I need to make. There were less "lighting effects" with this concert, meaning more fill white light on the band. This worked out better for the video and reduces my need to color correct the video. It may have a slightly more blue look but there is enough white light to make it acceptable. I get to deal with some family medical issues that are ongoing and can be a continued problem, kind of like dealing with long term cancer pain, or something like that, without going into details. This at times causes me to slow down my edit and productivity process as well. I was dealing with a "cold" and now other members of my family are experiencing the same symptoms. So the cold bug is moving around. This slows down progress on day to day activities and we end up letting things slide more. Haven't done really any Astronomy hobby stuff in the last week and very little video editing. It's really fun to watch this band play, it's difficult to imagine the amount of heat we had that night and during those days, now that Cornerstone is more distant and fall weather is causing cooler nights in the day to day life. It almost looks like the audience and band was having a good time. We were but the heat was intense and definately had it's effect. Other basic stuff with video, a kind of distraction happened. I was at a local astronomy event and a guy had a helicopter that took video. He may show up at the observatory and take some video of the observatory from an elevated view. Interesting flying video. While looking for a video light for that shoot I went through cases of old video tapes. I found some old public access cable shows I used to produce. This was a Christian Cable show featuring bands playing. Mostly music. I started digitizing some of those old shows from SVHS to the nonlinear. I'm playing them from an SVHS deck through a digital-8 camcorder, to convert the video to firewire, and had a problem with the audio making it through, possibly due to a wrong connector. So I recorded the audio from the shows separately into the TASCAM DR40 and brought the audio for each show into the Mac to resync it with the shows. I only have six shows on the hard drive right now. I may post these on youtube, but most of the bands were local Christian bands from this area. I have a little bit of old Cornerstone festival music on some of the shows, so I may post them on youtube. Right now the only show I have transferred is show #25 with Rez Band from 1992. The footage was very interesting to watch. It was the 20th anniversary show, and they were playing songs off their first album. There were three guys on the stage with large betacam cameras at that time (or something big) and they were filming a lot of the concert. Perhaps some of that footage was used in a better video than we shot but we had three cameras there in 1992 and taped that concert. It was interesting, and it's interesting to see Rez playing songs from their early days, and this from a concert 20 years ago. I showed a couple of young kids a bit of the Rez footage while at a local coffeehouse and asked them how old they were. Both of these "kids" were pretty young, one was 22 and the other less than 20. So they never saw Rez Band footage from 1992, those old days. . . hard to believe that the 1990's is considered old days now. . . how the years fly by. The quality of the sound is not as good as it was as I learned more about sound in later years, but it's still amazing to watch and remember. I might send copies of this show to JPUSA or links. I actually posted an "unlisted" version of that show on Youtube, but won't make it public yet. I'm working on other shows as well, that is recovering them as best as I can from those early tapes. It was interesting to see how much video I could throw together using switchers in the old days. Faster production, but with occasional flaws. It's much faster of course to shoot and do a live switch and then take some cuts from that recording and throw them into a show, than edit in a fancy "nonlinear" editing system. Nonlinear is slower, but of course allows us to get more precise video cutting. I'm hoping to get this forth video finished. And then perhaps move on to the Violet Burning. I'm not doing any of the first days bands until I'm finished with the rest of them, because I want to avoid "stedicam nightmare footage". Also I may be doing some of the other bands that are lesser known before editing The Choir footage, because I know I'm going to run into problems with that video.

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