Saturday, October 13, 2012

Went out to see Charlie Peacock last week in e Detroit area.

I'm editing the Violet Burning video just for my own fun. Have about fifteen minutes of the show done already. I sent them raw video unedited, and they should have the video by now.

I'm going to likely see The 77s in the Detroit area Sunday night. I almost wish I had my video stuff and crew ready to tape their local show. I haven't edited the video I shot of them at Cornerstone yet, there is a major technical problem with the video I shot the first night and I'm dreading even thinking about the post processing required to try to salvage that video. The first night at Cornerstone I only had two cameras plus handheld. But used a Stedicam for my main front camera, and that was a BIG MISTAKE.

I'm going to get the Violet Burning edit ripped out probably before the Concert Tomorrow night. It can be a rough edit as there may be an official better edit that they can do.

Then I have to decide which band to edit next.

I had an interesting request for video from a guy who taped a lot of Cstone 2012. I said I can't release video yet and have to ask permission before I release much. I looked at his video. He is producing a YouTube documentary which is his view of Cornerstone. It's actually very nice and I really want to get some of the video I shot to him so he can drop it in and improve his video later. I wish I had more bands edited together and was in a position to start asking for permission, but I have to be patient.

If you look up Jeff Summers on YouTube, you van find his documentary of Cornerstone 2012. It's really nice and it's the kind of Extra and wandering around footage I'd hope to get as video for a documentary. He did a really nice job. I had to focus on what I could do best which was try to get the best concert video I could with my limited resources. The heat and my age, prevented me from being able to go out and gather the kinds of video that Jeff gathered. That is the strange and wonderful thing about Cornerstone, it was so big there are so many variations of experience you could get at e festival, one could never experience more than ten percent of the festival in a year. It's one of the great things about that festival, hmm. . .hard to think about it in a past tense. It was great because of the variety of activities. I remember one year back before they moved it from Grays lake fairgrounds, when I saw a lot of seminars and fewer bands, that was a great thing about that festival, there was always something special that you could discover and new friends to meet.

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