Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kye kye edit continued. . . The concert experience

When Kye Kye came on stage I had a lot of fun taping them. This band had a different sound and I never heard of them before the festival. They had a techno feel, but not just a pure drum machine mix, but a live drummer, guitars and keys. They definitely had a Euro sound and seemed to be influenced by that kind of sound.

I found out later from the Kyr Kye website that three of the band members are siblings who were born in Estonia, this might explain the euro sound. The last Christian band I heard that had a euro sound was a band called Code of Ethics, but I haven't been listening to Christian techno bands lately.

The lead singer moved very well. She almost danced in one song as if she was charming a snake or something. Se had this hairstyle that almost had a Medusa like quality to it, while she performed. Very interesting and mesmerizing. I really enjoyed the bands performance and actually the words were easier to hear in the live sound up front than in the recording. MY camcorder audio confirms this, but it's distorted from high volumes, so it's no use for audio post processing.

I mixed the video and let it sit because I don't have an address to send the tape to. I also wanted to review the mix in more than one system and see how it sounds. I showed the video to my friend who is a DJ and he looked up the band on Facebook and found out about the Estonian connection. We have a little history or knowledge of Estonia. A friend of ours who was into Christian live sound production went to Estonia on a mission trio and actually stayed over there for a year. This friend married a Christian Estonian gal and brought her back to e US.

Also I went out on some dates with a bible smuggler who smuggled bibles to Estonia back in the Soviet days. When I say dated I mean in a Christian sense (Christian dating, means i went out with this lady, I was not sleeping with her).

Anyway I recall many stories about the Bible smuggler and even have a watch she brought back from Estonia which she sold to help someone over there raise money to buy a washing machine or something.

So the Estonian aspect of the band is also interesting to me.

I edited the footage and went over to my friends house to play it. And my friend said, you remixes the audio to much and we can't hear e band enough. I reduced the stereo effects by doubling a d panning e tracks. I applied EQ to both sides differently. It didn't sound good to him on his giant screen tv. This was a second review of the video edit with audio corrections. my friend John had received the Kye Kye CDs in the mail and he said let me show you what the cd sounds like. He put the cd into his stereo system which is in the living room under his giant screen tv. He flipped a few switches and out came the band Kye Kye. This was through a Bose surround sound system.

The sound was so good, it was amazing. I told John, "wow that's great, I gotta order a cd as soon as I get home.". Then my friend John said, hey check it out the audio matches the video. I said, well your a DJ and you probably lucked out and picked a spot that matches the video. We sat there and I said, they probably used a click track and it matches the album. Because they had ear monitors and there is some sequencing in their performance. This means I mint be able to sweeten the mix or at least a video mix separately with the cd audio. Wow the audio even has background vocals. We watched the video for another couple of minutes and John yelled out to his wife, to come out and take a look at this video. Then talking about cornerstone matched the video and it dawned on us, this wasn't the cd playing, but my sound mix. The sound was so much better in the surround system it fooled both John and I. We thought the video was a CD. Looks like the video sound is done and I can mail this off.

There is one problem which is I could set the DVD compression better in iDVD. I will do this next. Also since the sound track could be original or my mixed track and the concert was only 30 minutes I can put a repeat performance on the DVD I send the band. One with original sound with no audio changes and the other my video mix.

I asked John if he knew their address as he bought the CDs from the band. John said, I threw away the envelope. I ordered a set of cd's from Kye Kye's website. When they arrived I had a return address to mail the DVD to.

I'm going to write the band first to verify the address and burn a final copy of the DVD to mail it to them next.

I'm actually mailing the Kye Kye video after my initial mailing to Iona as that video is pretty much finished at least for now.

More on the Iona video edit in a future post. I will also edit this post and add some screen shots from the Kye Kye edit session. It was relatively easy, with only the audio sweetening giving me trouble.

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