Saturday, August 11, 2012

Now to start talking about the editing - The Kye Kye edit

First I did a quick edit of "The Choir". This was really a test edit and that video will be revisited.

Then I decided to do an easy video and one I wanted to see. I wanted to edit the Kye Kye concert. This was only 30 minutes long.

I started editing this and worked on it for a short time. I ran into a problem which is the vocal volume on the recording is to low. This might be due to the way the band performs or the live mix. It sounded okay on the cameras near the stage and we were hearing more of the vocal monitors, the band monitors up front which is where I was standing. I didn't know if the actual live mix had enough vocals in it. But Kye Kye has low volumes in their mix for their singer. The lead singer is excellent, but she has one flaw perhaps, which is the mix doesn't have her voice up high enough and she perhaps sings in a way that is a little bit like a little girl singing. I love her voice, don't get me wrong, it's like a separate instrument. But she might be able to pronounce the words better by opening and closing her mouth more, change her delivery a little. It might change her sound and singing style a little, but it would allow us to hear the words better.

So the audio mix was a mess in a way. It sounded good from an overall sound perspective, but people would say to me when I showed them the band video quickly on my laptop, I can't hear her words. They would say she sounds good and can sing, but also that the singer isn't singing good enough for them to hear the words.

I know they are a cool techno style band and have an Estonian background, but it would be nice to hear the actual words.

My Christian DJ friend saw the video and immediately ordered a set of Kye Kye CD's off the internet.

So I continued to edit the Kye Kye video tweaking the sound and actually losing some of the stereo separation in the mix in an attempt to digitally enhance her voice an bring it out using digital parametric EQ settings inside Media 100.

This took about a week as I wasn't doing this constantly. Then I sat aside the video and wanted to play it on a number of systems and see if I should make more adjustments.

This story will be continued in another post. I'm going to run out and meet a friend for lunch now.

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