Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mailed off the Kye Kye video yesterday.

I didn't have time to watch the video on to many systems. So hopefully it will be okay for the bands memory video from Cornerstone.

I put some information on the contents of data DVDs on each DVD sent that was a data DVD.

Was busy with a couple friends looking at a bunch of objects at the observatory last night, so I didn't get much editing done yesterday on the Trace Bundy video.

Here is a photo of the moon, using my iPhone. Handheld with 40mm eyepiece. Aimed iPhone through the eyepiece at a part of the moon. That 40mm eyepiece was mounted in a Celestron C14 at 3911mm focal length. So the effective power with about a 4.5 power zoom into the eyepiece was roughly 400x.

The moon actually looked better than this when we looked at it though the telescope. Usually a quick photo, looks at least four times worse than what we'd see at the eyepiece, maybe even worse depending on the photo and techniques used. I sharpened this a bit and removed a bit of red glow from the observatory lights which I inadvertently left on while taking this quick photo.

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