Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Starting to digitize and sync Trace Bundy video from Cornerstone

As you can see from the below screen capture, I'm at the stage of multi clip syncing of his performance. I have a four camera multi clip setup already.

I'm thinking this edit may not take to long. The back camera might be altered a bit digitally.

Trace has a great website with a lot of nice video and each cd he sells has a DVD video disk with it. At least last three CDs do. I bought his most recent cd from the concert and was really happy to see the DVD and video included.

He has a lot of YouTube video as well.

I'm hoping to get though this edit fairly quickly.

I had a little bit of a delay this week with other projects that are unrelated to the video edit. Also I was under the weather a bit, partly from a cold, of allergies and partly from missing some sleep with two very late night observing sessions which were almost all night observing sessions in the past week.

I have four camera angles in sync in the multi clip for this project. For some reason the import to iMovie of the front Eos camera and iPhone didn't import quickly into Media 100 and I ended up reimporting that directly into Media 100 from the source video. This means I will delete the imported camera angles from the iPhone and Canon to save space.

I'm going to cut the project first, choosing selects and then determine if I will digitally level that rear camera cutaway. This will save some time in rendering in Boris Red.

Other technical notes for my own diary.
(The Media 100 imported files from 720p front row cameras are quite large. I could have probably used a lower quality setting without a loss of quality in the import.)

(I need to pick up the pace of these edit sessions. Two bands in two months is way to slow.)

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